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Dry packaging polyethylene film is sought after in Henan, with a new sales volume!

Edit:Zibo Yulian Plastic Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-11-07

With the development of the express logistics industry, more and more enterprises have begun to choose to send their products to all parts of the country through logistics. Some products like food, seafood and raw materials have very high requirements for transportation, so the choice of packaging materials is also It is vital. As a Henan province in the Central Plains, a large number of products need to be transported to all parts of the country every day, so the amount of packaging materials used is very large, and the sales of dry-packaged polyethylene film rises linearly in Henan Province.

The dry-packaged polyethylene film produced by Zibo Yulian has been popular since entering Henan Province. Our distributor in Henan, Zhao Zong, said that with the development of logistics economy in Henan Province, the use of polyethylene packaging film is very large, so The confusion caused by the market, many polyethylene packaging films can not meet the needs of enterprises, some low-quality products have brought huge losses to some customers, so choosing a high-quality packaging film has attracted the attention of Henan entrepreneurs. . The listing of Zibo Yulian dry-packaged polyethylene film has made many companies see hope. Our dry-packed polyethylene film has strong tensile strength and puncture resistance. It is not easy to be damaged during transportation. It has wide applicability and can be used for dry packaging and solid dry packaging. usage of. Therefore, our dry-packaged polyethylene film has opened up a huge market in Henan, and the use of packaging film is a long-term cooperation relationship. We believe that our products will have more room for development in the future.

Mr. Zhao is full of hope for the development of our new generation of dry-packaged polyethylene film and expresses the willingness to cooperate for a long time. Zibo Yulian Plastic Co., Ltd. will make the production of products more meticulous and create better products to give back. The majority of merchants trust us.