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Container bag manufacturer - Zibo Yulian, praised by customers!

Edit:Zibo Yulian Plastic Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-11-07

In logistics and express transportation, container bag is a kind of flexible transport packaging container. It is widely used in transportation and packaging of powder, granule and block goods such as food, grain, medicine, chemical and mineral products. In developed countries, container bags are commonly used as packaging products for transportation and storage. As a container manufacturer, Zibo Yulian Plastic Co., Ltd. has become the unanimous choice of everyone after several years of development.

The container bags produced by Zibo Yulian strictly comply with the GB/T10454-2000 standard. As an export package , the container bag should ensure that the exported goods can effectively protect the loaded items during loading, unloading, transportation and storage, and transport the goods to their destination safely and in good condition. Therefore , the container bags produced by the container manufacturers must meet the safety, storage, usability and sealing properties.  
1. Security  
Mainly refers to the strength of the container. Consider the packaging volume, the weight of the load and the number of packaging units , as well as the distance of the transport distance and the number of transports, and the means of transport and transportation.
2. Custody  
According to the user's conditions of use , reasonable choice of materials , a reasonable ratio. The anti-aging ability of plastic products under the sun exposure is currently a concern, and it is also a problem often encountered in the actual use of container bags. Pay attention to the use of anti-purple agents and material selection during the production process.  
3. Usability  
When designing the container bag, it is necessary to fully consider the specific methods and methods used by the customer to use the container bag , such as lifting, transportation, loading material performance, etc. In addition, it is also considered whether it is food packaging , and it is considered to be non-toxic and harmless to the packaged food.  
4. Sealing  
When designing a container bag, it is necessary to pay attention to the influence of the base film coating process and the sewing process on the sealing property. Container bag manufacturer - Zibo Yulian Plastic Co., Ltd. welcomes new and old customers to visit the factory and negotiate business.