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Zibo Yulian processes polyethylene packaging engineering film for Shanghai customers

Edit:Zibo Yulian Plastic Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-11-07

Precision instruments are equipment and devices used to generate and measure precision quantities, including observation, monitoring, measurement, verification, recording, transmission, transformation, display, analysis, processing and control of precision quantities. The packaging and transportation of precision instruments is very important . If an impact occurs during transportation, it may affect the accuracy of the data and even cause serious consequences .

A precision instrument factory in Pudong, Shanghai recently contacted us and wanted us to order a special packaging film for precision instrument transportation . The company engineers went to the other company for on-the-spot investigation and combined with their transportation methods , combined with our production experience , They process polyethylene packaging engineering film , which can save cost , easy operation , strong protection , not easy to cause product rubbing and moving , but also dustproof and heat insulation, which is very conducive to the transportation of precision instruments .

Polyethylene packaging engineering film can be used for vacuum packaging of electromechanical products, glass packaging, large equipment and precision instruments to prevent oxidation and rust of products. The material can also be made into flat pockets and three-dimensional bags, which are used for packaging of fine chemicals, engineering plastics, pharmaceutical dye intermediates and adsorbents, effectively preventing moisture absorption and agglomeration, oxidative deterioration and prolonging storage and transportation time. It is very suitable for some raw materials transportation industry for experiments .

After a period of use , this precision instrument factory in Shanghai is very satisfied with the quality and effect of our products . Our company has become their long-term cooperative enterprise . Fan of the Zibo Yulian Plastic Co., Ltd. requires engineers to travel regularly. The other company inspected the use of polyethylene packaging engineering membranes , promptly proposed solutions to the problems that occurred , and continuously improved to produce better products.