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In October, the hometown of kumquats purchased bulk polyethylene film for kumquat

Edit:Zibo Yulian Plastic Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-11-07

Guangxi Rongan has a long history of planting and eating kumquats. It is a veritable hometown of kumquats. Kumquat is a sunny and warm and humid environment. It is not cold-tolerant, slightly shade-tolerant, drought-tolerant, and requires a well-drained, fertile, loose micro. Acidic sandy loam. Every year, during the planting season of kumquats , the kumquat growers in Guangxi Rong'an will purchase a large amount of special polyethylene film for kumquat. The special polyethylene film produced by our company has been sold in Guangxi for many years , and it is countless. Kumquat growers have brought profits .

The special polyethylene film for kumquat produced by our company is produced by processing the raw materials with better infrared ray barrier. It is used for the covering of kumquat, which can promote the conversion of sugar and make the kumquat taste better. The special polyethylene film of kumquat has good moderate permeability, which is good for fruit coloring, thereby greatly reducing the rate of fruit removal and fruit cracking, and can effectively increase the yield and increase the output value. The special polyethylene film for kumquat has anti-puncture and tensile strength effects , and has good anti-fog flow effect and strong anti-aging property.

Mr. Liang from Guangxi Rong'an has been planting kumquat for 10 years. It is a veritable expert in kumquat . He has used a lot of mulch for 10 years but has not achieved good results. One year because of the low quality of the mulch, The output of his own kumquat fell sharply. From that time on, Mr. Liang’s selection of the mulch film was very cautious. Until the selection of the special polyethylene film made by our company , Mr. Liang has never used other mulch films . Mr. Liang said that the quality of this special polyethylene film for kumquat is guaranteed , and it can improve the products of kumquat. And let the taste of kumquat become very good , many customers who have tasted Mr. Liang's kumquat are full of praise , and far-reaching growers also come to learn from experience . Mr. Liang recommended his own planting experience and the mulch used. This year, our company's special polyethylene film for kumquat was also purchased in bulk by the growers of the Kumquat Township .