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Why should we choose container-specific lining bags for container transportation?

Edit:Zibo Yulian Plastic Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-11-07

Nowadays, the demand for liquid transportation in the market is increasing, and the liquid bags for storing transportation containers are getting more and more popular. Many enterprises have begun to use container liquid bags to carry out transportation of many items. In practical applications, container transportation must select container-specific lining bags . Only when special packaging is selected can the products be safe in the transportation process .

So why should container transport choose container-lined bags ?

   1. Respond to safety and environmental awareness

The materials used in the container-lined bags produced by Zibo Yulian are all qualified products after environmental quality inspection, in order to better protect the items in the applicable liquid bags. Zibo Yulian's R&D team also added environmentally-friendly inner bags to the inner lining bag . The material of the inner bag is guaranteed not to change due to long-term liquid immersion, and thus there will be no liquid leakage and environmental pollution.

   2 , the use of the process is convenient

The filling of general filling containers wastes a lot of manpower and containers. The container-specific liner bag produced by Zibo Yulian is low in cost. When filling, it is only necessary to insert the suction pipe into the container-specific liner bag and open the filling pump. The operation is simple and quick, and generally only needs two or three people to complete, which can greatly reduce the labor cost and save the customer the cost of filling and container.

   3 , not subject to appearance restrictions

Since the container-specific liner bag is a plastic soft bag product, its shape can be changed at will. During the loading or packing process, the user can stack as much as possible according to the weight of the transportation tool, regardless of the shape of the container.