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Yulian woven new PP woven cloth production line for liquid bag

Edit:Zibo Yulian Plastic Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-11-07

With the development of the liquid transportation market , packaging materials capable of liquid transportation have also ushered in a brand-new market . Zibo Yulian Plastic Co., Ltd. has invested in the production of a special PP woven fabric production line for liquid bags. PP woven fabric production and processing.

The special PP woven fabric for liquid bags produced by Zibo Yulian is specially designed and advanced in technology , mainly used for water.   It plays an important role in the transportation of water sources , and is especially suitable for water transportation in hills , mountains and other places. The PP bag for liquid bag is custom-made and can be applied to various models . It replaces the heavy and rust-prone , short-life tin bucket and rubber bucket . It will not hurt the body due to poor road surface during transportation. To extend the life of the car. It can't be used due to seasonal changes during use . It can be folded and stored when not in use , reducing the space consumption . It also has good sealing and corrosion resistance and can be used to store some irritating liquid materials with a life span of 8-10 years.

The PP woven fabric for liquid bags produced by Zibo Yulian Plastic Co., Ltd. has the following characteristics:

High strength : due to the use of plastic flat yarn, it can maintain sufficient strength and elongation in dry and wet conditions.

Corrosion resistance : It can resist corrosion for a long time in different pH soils and water.

Good water permeability : there is a gap between the flat yarns, so it has good water permeability.

Good anti-microbial : no damage to microorganisms or insects.

Convenient construction : Because the material is light and soft, it is convenient to transport, lay and construct.

Zibo Yulian has added this new PP woven fabric production line for liquid bags . It adopts good technology and implements ISO 9000 professional quality certification in the factory. The quality of the products produced is stable and reliable . Welcome customers to visit and order.

As a new mode of transportation, container liquid bags have been sought after by users because of their unique advantages. In the domestic logistics industry, the development is quite rapid and shows signs of accelerated development. Therefore, many companies now purchase large quantities directly from container liquid bag manufacturers.