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Container bag manufacturer
Container bag manufacturer

Container bag product features:

1. The loading capacity of the container bag is between 0.5-3T and the volume is between 500-2300L . The insurance factor can be designed according to the user's needs : 3:1 , 5:1 , 6:1 .

2. According to the content goods, it is divided into two categories: bulk cargo container bags and small package cargo container bags, which are suitable for one-time use and turnover.

3 , the container bag is divided into three types according to the shape of a circle, a square and a U -shaped body.

4 , lifting structure has top hanging type, side hanging type and bottom hanging type, usually have inlet and outlet.


Container bag performance:

Applicable type : Reusable / single use

Type ton bag graphic shape : square type / rectangular type /

Lifting method : top hanging / side hanging / bottom hanging

Inlet : There is a feed port / no feed port ( large opening / waterproof cloth )

Outlet : There is a discharge port / no discharge port

Raw material : polypropylene (PP)

Load capacity : 0.3 tons - 2 tons


The container bag manufacturer Zibo Yulian Plastic Co., Ltd. introduces you to the production process of the container bag : the container bag is made of polypropylene as the main raw material, and after adding a small amount of stable seasoning, it is uniformly mixed and melted by the extruder. The plastic film is extruded, cut into filaments, and then stretched, and the PP raw yarn with high strength and low elongation is formed by heat setting , and then the base fabric of the plastic woven fabric is made by weaving and laminating, and is stitched with accessories such as a sling. Made into tons of bags.


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