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Advantages and precautions for container-specific liner bags

Edit:Zibo Yulian Plastic Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-11-07

The use of container-specific lining bags for transport relative to the use of other filling and other transportation methods has the following advantages:

( 1 ) Larger packing capacity. Container-specific liner bags can transport 10% to 20% more cargo than barrels .

( 2 ) Lower shipping and packaging costs. The use of container-specific liner bags only pays for one-way transportation. After unloading, the package can be disposed of on-site, without the need for empty return shipping for packaging drums or tanks, and transportation packaging management fees.

( 3 ) A more convenient and economical loading and unloading method. The use of container-specific lining bags enables complete door-to-door transportation, and simple pipe transportation is used during loading and unloading, reducing labor costs and mechanical handling costs.

( 4 ) A more secure special system for special bags. The use of container-specific lining bags for liquid cargo can ensure product quality and effectively avoid the risk of contamination of the goods by transport packaging.

( 5 ) Purchasing on demand and accelerating capital turnover. There is no need to carry out pre-concentrated investment in transportation packaging materials, and monthly purchases according to demand can effectively accelerate the turnover of corporate funds.

Pay attention to the following aspects when handling liquid products using container-specific liner bags:

1. Do not stand under the container-lined liner bag during lifting operations.

2 , please hang the hook in the center of the sling or sling, do not slant, single-sided or diagonally sling the lining bag.

3. Do not rub with other objects during work, hook or bump the inner liner bag.

4. Do not pull the sling to the outside.

5 , container-specific liner bag When using a forklift, please do not touch or tie the fork to the bag to prevent puncture.

6. When carrying in the workshop, try to use the tray to avoid hanging the liner bag with the hook.

7. Keep the liner bag upright during loading, unloading and stacking.

8. Do not erect the container-lined liner bag.

9. Do not drag the liner bag on the floor or on the concrete.

10. When storing outdoors, the lining bag should be placed on the shelf and covered with opaque tarpaulin.

11. After use, wrap it in paper or opaque shed cloth and store it in a ventilated place.